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What are the treatment options for PMDD?



  • farrugiastefania

    In Malta only few people and drs know about PMDD. When I gave birth to my daughter, they wrote that I suffer from from deepression I got very upset about this. This was last December...As Medication I take Nortrilen 25 mg. it helps me to sleep at night and to be focused during the day but still i get sad and edgy even frustrated about any thing. For this I hate my self that my kids and husband have to pass this time with me.

  • Fiona Macelli

    I'm sorry to hear of your struggle. I have felt the same way. It's interesting that you are Maltese. Both of my parents are Maltese but I live in Canada. I only discovered that this was PMDD about five years ago but similarly have struggled with it since the birth of my son. I suspect my mother had PMDD as well but undiagnosed. Could it be more common in the Mediterranean perhaps? Is there thought to be a genetic predisposition I wonder. In Canada the level of support for PMDD isn't any better, at least where I live. Most doctors have heard about it, and now that I'm seeing a proper psychiatrist, the knowledge level is a little bit better, but not enough. I hope that now that you know that it's not "just you", that your family can understand that you have a medical condition and that you are sometimes not your best self. I have been honest with my family about it and although I still feel guilty, I even put up a little sign on the fridge during my "bad week" so they are warned, and that helps me feel a little better if I lose control.


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